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ESIAM21- The second European Conference on the Structural Integrity of Additively Manufactured Materials

ESIAM is going into the second round. This time the conference is taking you to the beautiful city of Vienna and it would be our pleasure to welcome you again there. Many exciting talks and an exquisite framework program is waiting for you.


Structural integrity, i.e. the fracture and fatigue strength of additively manufactured materials and components is becoming increasingly important with the technology’s transition towards major industrial utilization. The conference will provide an overview over current scientific knowledge and stimulate ideas for future research directions in this emerging field. Peer-reviewed contributions will be in the form of a 15-minute presentation or a poster. The agenda will allow for extended discussions and for exploring Vienna at the end of the tourist season in one of the most pleasant times of the year. ESIAM21 will be the second event of the biannual international conference series held in Europe and worldwide.


Additive manufacturing (AM) techniques offer the potential to economically fabricate customized parts with complex geometries in a rapid design-to-manufacture cycle. Before benefits can be explored in critical load bearing applications, the basic understanding of the mechanical and functional behavior of these materials must be substantially improved at all scales. In particular, a better understanding of fracture and fatigue performance is key. The conference will shed light on the basic physical phenomena of fatigue and fracture of AM materials and develop effective criteria for the design of unprecedented high performing components for next generation automotive, aerospace and biomedical applications.

Conference Papers

Peer reviewed publications from conference contributions and discussions will appear in the proceeding of the conference. Extended versions of selected papers will be invited for Special Issues in ESIS affiliated journals.


Organized by ESIS TC 15
Structural Integrity of Additively
Manufactured Components
(In-TEAM TC 15)