Program Friday 10 September

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09:00 - 10:20 Plenary 4, Location: TBD

Chair: Javad Razavi

09:00 Fatigue of gyroid lattice structures of Ti6Al4V produced by laser powder bed fusion
Anton Du Plessis

09:40 Industrial Design and Process Simulation for AM
Claus Pedersen


10:40 - 12:40 Single sessions

Session 7 – Computational Process and Property Prediction – Topology Optimization Location: TBD Chair: Andrea Tridello

10.40 Considering inhomogeneous material properties for stiffness and failure prediction in thin-walled additively manufactured parts
Sigfrid-Laurin Sindinger

10.50 Productivity-oriented process parameters effect of the fatigue strength of SLMed Inconel 718
Giuseppe Macoretta

11.00 Molecular Dynamics Simulation of the Mechanical Properties of Photopolymers used in 3D-Printing
Alexander Hochwallner

11.10 Full process chain simulation of the (wire-based) laser metal deposition process towards fatigue life prediction
Tim P.A. Koenis

11.20 Finish-pass strategy to improve sidewall angle and processing time in FIB milled structures
Markus Lid

11.30 A comprehensive numerical framework to study the effect of process parameters on cold Spray coating and additive manufacturing
Amir Ardeshiri Lordejani

11.40 Optimization of tensile properties for 3D printed PLA material using Taguchi and ANOVA methodologies
MRM Aliha

11.50 Optimization and Redesign of a Structurally Loaded Fused Filament Fabrication Component: Numerical and Experimental Validation
Sanne Van Den Boom

12.00 Optimizing a gas diffusion layer with mathematically defined structures
Svenn Ove Hoem

12.10 TopFat methodology implemented in a commercial software: benchmarking validation
Ricardo Caivano

12.20 Search for potential inhibitors of acid corrosion of steel in a series trihalomethyl-1;3-diketones
A.V. Botin

12.30 Design of 3D printed polymer-polymeric tribological units made of wear-resistant composite materials based on advanced high-temperature thermoplastic matrices
Sergey Panin


14:00 - 16:30 Single sessions

Session 8 - Characterization of Ceramic, Polymeric and Metallic Materials Location TBD Chair: Jürgen Stampfl

14.00 Material Characterization of 3D-printed Silicone Elastomers
V.M. Miron

14.10 Mechanical Behavior of Maraging Steel Produced by SLM
Tiago E.F. De Silva

14.20 Characterization of 3D printed ABS specimens under static and cyclic loadings
Carla Ferreira

14.30 Digital Materials: the new dimension of 3D-printing
Sonja Baumgartner

14.40 Production Assessment of Hybrid Directed Energy Deposition Manufactured Fatigue Sample With Integrated Effective Structural Health Monitoring (eSHM)
Zoé Jardon

14.50 Mechanical response of 3D-printed ceramics
Josef Schlacher


Session 9 – Metamaterials - Procesability Location: TBD Chair: Constanzo Bellini

15.20 Quasi-static behaviour of 3D printed lattice structures of various scales
Zhuo Xu

15.30 Enhancement of the mechanical behavior of L-PBF Al alloys by optimized thermomechanical post-processing routes
Camille Van der Rest

15.40 Effects of hybrid post-treatments on fatigue behavior of notched LPBF AlSi10Mg: experimental and deep learning approaches
Erfan Maleki

15.50 Efficient optimization methodology for laser powder bed fusion parameters to manufacture dense parts validated on AlSi12 alloy
Julie Gheysen

16.00 Hot cracking suppression by powder modification of an Al7075 alloy produced by laser powder bed fusion (L-PBF) and first insights in the improvement of its fatigue life
Nicolas Nothomb


To be determined