Program Thursday 9 September

09:00 - 10:20 Plenary 3 Location: Zoom Room 1, Chair: Jan Torgersen

09:00 Fatigue of architected cellular materials: a design and manufacturing challenge
Matteo Benedetti

09:40 Individualized series production made possible by Additive Manufacturing
Martin Wiedenegger


Single Sessions 10:40 – 15:20

Session 4 - AM in Aerospace and Lightweight Design. Location: Zoom Room 1 Chair: Luis Reis

10.40 Nominal stresses to assess damage in notched additively manufactured steel subjected to constant and variable amplitude multiaxial fatigue loading
Luca Susmel

10.50 Characterising crack growth in Scalmalloy
Rhys Jones

11.00 Influence of the composite structural parameters on the mechanical performance of additively manufactured composite-metal hybrid materials
Sergio Amancio

11.10 3D-printed continuous fiber reinforced polymers considering material and physical variability towards robust design
Clarissa Becker

11.20 Compressive behavior of gyroid structures manufactured through SLM with carburizing steels: a numerical and experimental study
Guillerme Cuimarães

11.30 A roughness study by modelling L-PBF surfaces
Olivier Poncelet

11.40 Recent advances in 3D-printing of continuous carbon fibre reinforced polymers
Franz O. Riemelmoser

11.50 Investigation on the fatigue properties and fracture mechanical analysis of additively manufactured Scalmalloy®
David Schimbäck

11.50 Additive manufactured marine component - NiAl bronze propeller
Ramesh Babu

12.00 The use of Additive Manufactured Inconel 625 as Bipolar Plate for the High Temperature Proton Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell
Jørgen Svendby

11.50 Fatigue strength mechanism under torsional loads of aluminium alloy AlSi10Mg obtained by LPBF
Francesco Sausto


Session 5 – AM for Biomedical Applications – Characterization of Ceramic, Polymeric and Metallic Materials Location: Zoom Room 1 Chair: Jürgen Stampfl

14.00 Investigations on the rheology and deagglomeration of digital light processing based vat polymerisation of Si3N4 slurries containing different dispersing additives
Anna Lea Kutsch

14.10 Additive manufacturing of continuous carbon fiber tubes and experimental investigation of the energy absorption capability under quasi-static loading
Alexander Berndt

14.20 Lithographic additive manufacturing of defined open-porous tricalcium phosphate scaffolds
Martin Schwendtenwein

14.30 Mechanical behavior of engineered open porous Ti6Al4V structures produced by laser powder bed fusion
Lars Vanmunster

14.40 Microstructural features of thick-walled 316LSi produced by wire arc additive manufacturing
Luca Palmeira Belotti

14.50 Effect of scan strategy on γ-TiAl based composite fabricated by selective electron beam melting
Boyang Gao

15.00 Additive manufacturing of continuous carbon fiber reinforced polyamide 6: The effect of process parameters on the microstructure and mechanical properties
Hannes Oberlercher

15.10 Characterization of the Fatigue Behaviour of SLS Thermoplastics
Zoltan Major


Parallel Sessions 15:40 – 17:00

Session 6.1 – Fatigue of AM Metals Location: Zoom Room 1 Chair: Thorsten Becker

15.40 Fatigue crack growth of TiAl6V4 parts produced by SLM under biaxial mode I/mode II loading
Luís Filipe Borrego

15.50 Bi-lamellar microstructure in L-PBF Processed Ti-6Al-4V: Heat treatment, quasi-static and dynamic mechanical behavior
Pushkar Prakash Dhenke

16.00 Influence of finishing in Ti6Al4V AM specimens under VHCF conditions
Luis Reis

16.10 A modelling framework for fatigue-life prediction of selective laser melting additive manufactured Ti-6Al-4V
Harry Psihoyos

16.20 Static and fatigue behaviour of laser welded additively manufactured 17-4 PH steel plates
Raffaele Sepe

16.30 Evaluation of the near-alpha Ti-6242 alloy produced via the blown powder additive manufacturing route as a candidate material for gas turbine applications.


Session 6.2 – Fatigue of AM metals. Location: Zoom Room 2 Chair: Anton Du Plessis

15.40 Effect of in-situ laser remelting of inclined surfaces on fatigue performance of additively manufactured metal parts
Daniel Ordnug

15.50 Fatigue behaviour assessment of additive manufactured Ti-6Al-4V by means of a critical plane criterion
Camilla Ronchei

16.00 Cost-effective Characterization of the Fatigue Behavior of PBF Metals
Gianni Nicoletto

16.10 Notch effect on the VHCF response of Ti6Al4V specimens produced through the SLM process
Andrea Tridello

16.20 Modelling hydrogenation effects on cold dwell fatigue of additively manufactured titanium alloys
A. Díaz

16.30 Representative Structure Elements for the fatigue assessment of additively manufactured components
Rainer Wagener