1. Fracture of AM Metals
  2. Fracture of AM Polymers
  3. Fatigue of AM Metals
  4. Post Processing
  5. Advanced AM Materials through High Performance Light Sources
  6. AM in Aerospace and Lightweight Design
  7. AM for Biomedical Applications
  8. AM in Automotive and Railway Engineering
  9. Raw Materials and Processability
  10. Notches and Discontinuities
  11. Combined Loads
  12. Post Processing for Metals and Non-Metals
  13. Wear and Corrosion of AM Materials
  14. Effects of Surface Modifications on Mechanical and Chemical Properties
  15. Characterization of Ceramic, Polymeric and Metallic Materials
  16. Topology Optimization
  17. Non Destructive Testing and Health Monitoring in AM
  18. Digital Materials
  19. AM for Electronics and Photonics
  20. Computational Property and Process Prediction
  21. Metamaterials