Program Wednesday 8 September

09:00 - 10:40 Opening plenary Location: Zoom Room 1, Chair: Filippo Berto

09:00 Opening Words
Filippo Berto

09:20 Welcome message from the ESIS President
Francesco Iacoviello

09:20 Crack initiation mechanism and fine granular characteristics in very-high-cycle fatigue of additively manufactured AlSi10Mg alloy
Guian Qian


Parallel sessions 10:20 - 12:00

Session 1.1 - Fracture of AM Metals. Location: Zoom Room 1, Chair: Javad Razavi

10.20 Selective Electron Beam Melted Non-weldable Ni-base Superalloy
Bo Chen

10.30 2D characterization at sub-micron scale of crack propagation on 17-4PH parts produced by atomic diffusion additive manufacturing (ADAM) process
Claire Gong

10.40 A first step in the development of dense metallic architectured materials by additive manufacturing
Florent Hannard

10.50 Tough and damage tolerant composites for bi-axial loading
Drasen Brescakovic

11.00 Analysis of the behavior of lattice structures under low-velocity impacts: simulations and experimental tests.
Andrea Tridello

11.10 Fatigue assessment of laser beam welds between AlSi10Mg AM-structures and conventionally manufactured aluminum by local approaches
Benjamin Möller

11.20 Cyclic deformation and fatigue behaviour of titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V built by directed energy deposition AM process
Abdul Khadar Syed

11.30 Experimental and numerical analysis of fatigue cracks emanating from internal defects in Ti6Al4V SLM
Santiago Aguado-Montero


Session 1.2 - Fracture of AM Metals Location: Zoom Room 2, Chair: Brecht van Hooreweder

10.20 Isolating Lacunar Morphology to Study the Influence of Bone Lacunar Network in Damage Progression
Sara Bagherifard

10.30 The effect of Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) on the fatigue behavior of particle reinforced Aluminum Matrix Composite (AMC) processed by Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF)
Seren Senol

10.40 Influence of Surface Finish and Build Orientation on the Fatigue Performance of Laser Powder Bed Fused Stainless Steel 316L
Robert Lancaster

10.50 The role of simulation in the industrialization of Additive Manufacturing
Nicolas Lammens

11.00 Unravelling the fatigue behavior of high strength aluminum lattice structures produced by laser powder bed fusion
Antonio Cutolo

11.10 An engineering approach to estimate fatigue thresholds of wrought and additively manufactured defective metallic materials
Giovanni Meeghetti

11.20 Fatigue crack growth parameters of Laser Powder Bed Fusion produced Ti-6Al-4V
Nicolas Macallister

11.20 Surface quality and fatigue behavior of L-PBF AlSi10Mg in as-built condition.
Randomila Konecna

11.20 Design; production; and fatigue testing of an optimized structural component made of L-PBF AlSi10Mg
Federico Uriati


Single Sessions 14:00-16:40 Session 2 – Fracture of AM Polymers Location: Zoom Room 1, Chair: Zoltan Major

14.00 Morphology and weld Strength of a Semi-Crystalline Polymer Produced via Material Extrusion-Based Additive Manufacturing
Sandra Petersmann

14.10 Bio-Inspired Toughening of Composites in 3D-Printing
Johannes Stöger

14.20 Damage tolerance and fracture properties in fused filament fabrication - trends; limitations and possibilities
Florian Arbeiter

14.30 Static and fatigue behavior of 3D printed virgin and recycled short-glass-fiber reinforced and mineral-filled polypropylene
Daniele Rigon

14.40 The effect of printing parameters on fatigue life of 3D printing ABS under thermo-mechanical loads
Feiyang He

14.50 Fatigue damage assessment in AM polymers evaluating their energy release
Dario Santonocito

15.00 Difference in mechanical behavior of glass bead reinforced polyamide 12 specimens produced by laser sintering and injection molding
Hellen De Coninck

15.10 Phase separation in (Meth)acrylate-based photopolymers
Mojtaba Ahmadi

15.20 Scale and thickness effect on the mechanical behavior of structural parts fabricated via Fused Deposition Modeling
Zhuo Xu


Session 3 - Characterization of Ceramic, Polymeric and Metallic Materials. Location: Zoom Room 1, Chair: Chiara Bertolin

16.00 Ink development for the fabrication of digital materials with increased fracture toughness
Bettina Koch

16.10 Characterization of 3D printed ABS specimens under static and cyclic torsional loadings
Luis Reis

16.20 The relaxation of macroscopic residual stresses in laser powder bed fused stainless steel 316L
Maximilian Sprengel

16.30 Residual stresses in AISI 316L and 18NI300 steels produced by selective laser melting
Maria José Marques


17:00 - 17:40 Plenary 2 Location: Zoom Room 1, Chair: Anton Du Plessis

17:00 Additive Manufacturing of Elastomer, Ceramic and Metal  Multi-functional Structures
Eric MacDonald